I can do it,  yes I can…

Newly married and on my way. Children? In about five or six years. Right now, places to go and people to meet! Stress? Nothing more than a six-letter word.


Can I?

Four children and eight moves.  From one coast to the other and back again. Exciting, busy and fun, but tiring too! Stress?  Six letters, S-h-a-w-n-a!

Yes I can.

Intrinsically I knew I already had what I needed to reignite the spark and uncover the vigor and confidence that I buried deep inside. Beginning with A-HOH, Always Hand On Heart, I inhaled deeply, exhaled slowly, and made a plan.  What did I need to nourish my mind body and soul, and what would I do to make it happen?


How to start?  

With a holistic wellness plan.  One that encompasses body, mind and spirit, and simply, by celebrating the abundance of good, wholesome food with friends and family, exploring the outdoors, drinking fresh water, moving our bodies, and recharging ourselves with a good night's rest.


B.A. Foods and Nutrition,  San Francisco State University.  


Certificate in Holistic Wellness Coaching, American College of Healthcare Sciences, Portland, Oregon.


Live in Portland,  Oregon.  Love the kitchen,  outdoors, restaurants, traveling, and gardening. Married to Tom, and mom to Kevin, Jack, Matthew and Daniel.

Village Well

Holistic Wellness Coaching

Shawna Hickey

In years past, the village well was the heart of the community.  Villagers gathered to share stories, listen, laugh, cry, sing, counsel one another, and in so doing, enhanced the body’s natural ability to heal. The Village Well remains a symbol of simpler times, reminding us of the importance in slowing down, and taking the time to nourish ourselves.


Can you do it? Yes you can!

Frustrated?  Where to start, what to do? Calm the confusion and call on me!  


I listen as you share the changes you envision, guide you as you rediscover your vibrancy, vigor and confidence, and inspire you, instilling the belief that you can move beyond your perceived potential and live your life more fully than ever imagined.


Together we’ll create a holistic wellness plan and make it happen!



Call On Me

World peace begins with inner peace.  

Inner peace begins with you.

And you begin with a plan.