I don’t know.  Must there always be a reason?  I don't know. That is my answer. Boom! Socked in the gut. Sucked in, dropped, and now trapped at the bottom of the well.  Out, let me out! But too drained to act, I sit, wishing away these stuck in the muck feelings! He said nothing, instead sat quietly, attentively, holding the space so I could listen to my body sing the blues.  His gentle demeanor was soothing and I felt better, particularly because he didn't rush me, or indicate that feeling good is how I should feel all the time, and what I should do to remain permanently in Nirvana. Nor did he come equipped with a link to the "Top Five Ways to Boost Your Mood."  Instead he listened, so I too could hear. His silence gave me room to explore options and figure out what I wanted.   What would happen if I simply sat for awhile? Shed some soul-cleansing tears? If I continued with my tasks, would a slower pace remind and encourage me to mindfully sit throughout the day? Look up and out the window?  Go outside and walk, whether rain or sun? And when the day was over, would I allow enough time for a solid night's sleep, and dreams to further the emotions along? Wake up early, open to what the day has to offer? Would I give thanks for all of my blessings, pleasant and not so pleasant? And most importantly, would I reinforce the sentiment by repeating the words Thank you, often throughout the day?

Looking outside, while looking within, I created my own top five mood boosters.  Eenie, meenie, miney, mo. Which two have got to go? Nah, let’s change the title instead.

Top Seven Ways to Boost Your Mood

  • Sleep.  Plenty of it. We are all wired differently. Make sure you get the sleep YOU need.

  • Eat well.  Absorb nature's energy with food selected at its prime and create a masterpiece.

  • Nature.  Mind says no?  Please give it a go. Even for a minute or two.  Fresh air is good for you.

  • Time for you.  Include five minute mindful sitting in your day. Once, twice, more is nice.

  • Say thank you for everything that comes your way.  Repeat often throughout the day.

  • Commit to commune with friends regularly. Play, laugh, share.  Celebrate everything!

  • Go for it.  Raise vibrations!  World peace begins with inner peace.  Inner peace begins with you.