Bless This Belly

It's be kind to your belly day. Served you well since birth, yet underappreciated. Shoo fat shoo. Tummy tuck or liposuc? Cover it, hide it, wish it away. Big sweater save the day! No matter one's shape or size, I have yet to meet someone who wants a belly. Paint a target on it and let the insults fly. Too fat. Too big. Ugly. Goodness, what has it done to you? I'll tell you. Belly is our shield, storing past hurts until we are ready to release them. Insulates us from cold. Gives our gut a feeling when a situation isn't quite right. Butterflies hint at excitement. Belly laughs, dances and sometimes aches. But belly always comforts. Big sweater or not, it's there, so bless it, nurture it, and give thanks.