Celebrate Your Meal!

Thanksgiving leftovers in the fridge, the holidays continue, and the dastardly duo, diet and deprivation dare to darken your door.  What to do?  Invite them in and sit together.  Breathe, sending light and love to the fear they may have brought.  As you do, they politely leave and the merriment continues.  Celebrate! Celebrate your meals and feel lighter too!

Pay more, eat less.  Opt for quality over quantity.  Organic or sustainably harvested food may be more expensive than conventional, but the cost evens out with smaller portions, pleasure from eating food that is vibrant and alive, and improved health from greater nutrient absorption.  Keep a to-go container on hand for impromptu dining-out, taking half a serving, and saving the remainder for your next snack, or sharing with another.

Prepare the feast.  Make a masterpiece.  Creating your meals so they are visually appealing is calming and primes the body for optimal digestion.  No worry if in a hurry.  Leftovers and takeout can be re-plated and adorned to look and taste freshly made.

Savor the flavors.  Pausing, breathing, and giving thanks for your food remind you to slow down when eating.  Focus on the flavors, colors, texture of the ingredients, savoring each bite before taking another.  Each time your mind wanders, bring it gently back to your meal, recognizing the nourishment you are receiving.

Skip seconds.  When you are through, sit for a few moments, recalling the celebration and giving the stomach time to rest and receive the message that your hunger and appetite are satisfied.  Make note of the parts that were especially comforting.  Throughout the day when stressors trigger an urge to eat, remembering this image in detail prompts you to wait until you are more relaxed and can thoroughly enjoy your next meal.

Leave the party while you are having fun.  Whether you are home or at a party, leave the food while it is still fresh and you are comfortably full.  Leftovers can be used to celebrate tomorrow’s meals.