Dedicated To The One I Love

Knock, Knock? Who’s there? Love.  Love who?  Love you!  And you, and you, and you!  Oh boo hoo!  Not so easy to do! Bruises, nicks, scars. Regardless the depth of hurt, we are vulnerable. Raw. If we let down our guard, others may get too close, uprooting those aches we buried long ago.

Better to stand stoic, strong, in our chain of armor so no one can reach us.  We are safe. Exactly from what, or whom we may not know.  At this moment we only need to know that a warm heart is an open heart, inviting ourselves and others in.

Knock, knock.  Who’s there?  Shawna.  Shawna who?  Shawna here to support you!  “Brrrrrr,” I hear your heart murmur.  Let's reset the thermostat and warm the heart! 

I encourage you to take your time with this meditation, but no worries if minutes are few, your heart always thanks you.  Select a quiet spot without interruption.  Whether it’s a window with a view or tucked behind a large planter, as long as you are comfortable.  A-HOH. Always, Hand on Heart.  Close your eyes and gently breathe. Inhale, 2, 3, 4; Hold, 2, 3, 4; Exhale, 2, 3, 4; and Hold, 2, 3, 4.  Once again, inhale, 2, 3,4. Beginning at the top of the head, gradually guide your attention and your breath towards your heart.  Drift along with your body as it begins to soften. Eyes relinquish tension, throat opens, shoulders and muscles loosen. Loud, obtrusive random thoughts hush to a whispered conversation as you ease your way towards your heart.  Closer, you see a door upon it.  What does it look like?  Welcoming, unlocked and illuminated?  Dark, heavy and slammed shut? Or somewhere in between?  When you are ready, approach, then enter. Heavier doors require greater effort, and it's okay if it resists.   You can work it open or wait until another visit. Either way, pay attention to your emotions as they stir.  Is your body tightening? Hands clenching, grasping what you so dearly want to keep?  Or something you want to release, but can't let it go?  Continue to sit, breathing into your heart.  There is no hurry. When you are able, approach the door again.  Is it easier to open?  If so, walk in and assess the level of warmth.  Whether entry was simple, or a struggle, ask your heart what it wants.  Perhaps it is content, no changes needed.  Maybe a blanket and hot cocoa would bring a smile. A small fire? A bear hug or gentle embrace? Share the warmth, allowing it to move through you, to thaw what is frozen, bundle what is chilled, soften what is tight.  Sit and visit as long as you would like.  Then, before leaving, ask your heart if there is anything else it needs. The fire tended, a final wrap in the blanket, or another cup of cocoa?  Thank your heart for welcoming you in, embrace, and bid a temporary adieu.  Continue to breathe gently, and when ready, open your eyes, give thanks again and return to your day.  Revisit often, tending to your hearts needs. Beauty unfolds, doors unlock, and entry is smooth.