Down Came the Rain . . .

Down came the rain and washed the spider out … as well as tamed the fires, cleared the scattered ashes, and quenched the roots of thirsty plants. The role of water changes depending on perspective. The storm in floods, the savior in fires. Cursed and blessed simultaneously. Practice giving thanks for everything, for even in the darkest space, the dreariest times, there is light.  Maybe extremely dim, but when eyesight is adjusted, the light brightens, shining the way so healing can enter.  Practice being gentle with yourself.  Like soft rain or torrential downpours, sometimes you are the savior, sometimes the one in need of saving. Forever evolving.  When times are rough, and decisions regretted, speak kindly to yourself.  These illuminating words flow through you and out towards others. Sometimes the storm, sometimes the Savior. Kindness to you and kindness to others.  Pass it on.