I Want to, But I Can't!

I Want to, But I Can't! I want to help, but I can't. I can't help directly because I can't give them what they need. I can't make a difference. Aargh!  We've all been there.  Something happens to a family member, friend, or someone we have yet to meet.  We want to help, but overwhelmed by the dire circumstances we do nothing, except sit and worry.  

One Step. That's all you need to take.  Reach out and say nothing. Compassion speaks through your eyes. Surrender and let go of what you think should happen. Listen and pay attention. In the stillness you intuit what to do next and actions flow naturally.  You are guided towards others who also came to help.  Together you make a difference, each of you with a unique gift to offer. Humor, a good ear, transportation, or handiwork, the pool of resources continually grows. As a team you discuss options and make decisions. I want to help and I can, because We can!