Let's Shake On It!

Agreed!  it’s a time-honored tradition to seal the deal with a handshake. Complete agreement or simply agreeing to disagree. Firm, gentle, or wimpy shake, makes no difference, it’s a done deal and a sweet way to come to terms with another.  A shake to end matters and part ways, or the start of a new beginning, built upon the trust of a solid shake. When tempers and words get hot in our house, and we need to cool down, my shake of choice is a milkshake!  The next time you’re at odds with your sis, pal or gal, and an agreement is in the works, look one another in the eye, smile, shake hands and then shake again, chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry? Mint-chip, rocky road, or cookies and cream?  

The past is present.  Ortman’s Ice Cream Parlor, Berkeley, CA. My first job.  A break in a busy day, and in the quiet I drink my Swiss milk chocolate shake.  S-l-o-w-l-y, as it takes its time to move through the straw. Ahhh, bliss! Although there is no more Mr. Ortman’s ice cream, it will always be the best!