Okay? No?

Sit.  Stay. I'm not talking to our dog, but to me and you.  Seems easy, but throw in sitting with feelings, to be quiet when the whirr of stirring emotions is high, then I become sitting-challenged.  From one extreme to the other. Excited and nervous about the long-awaited visit of one of my dearest friends, to the empty, dreary, sad feeling that always seems to present itself as soon as the sun goes down on Sundays. Wears me out, which is why I’m going to spend much of the day exercising my sit and stay muscles. Doubly good as we can practice together. Find a comfortable spot and A-HOH, always hand on heart. Breathe in deeply, exhale slowly, a few moments more of breathing and releasing tension. Let it go and let it be.

Look.  Observe emotions. Light, airy, effervescent, bubbling to the surface? Murky, weighted, deep? Or neutral and calm?  Nothing in particular bothering you. Exercise patience.  Want to run, do anything but feel this discomfort? Think that to feel whole, you must fill the hole?  Be kind to yourself. Give yourself permission to feel and welcome emotions as they arise.   Thinking.  Notice thoughts as they float in and out.  Breathe with them, allowing them to speak. On the in-breath, hear what they have to say.  On the out breath, release them. Breathe in and listen. Breathe out and release.

Inquire.  What do you want?  Comfort food, a hug, soul-cleansing cry, or a walk outside? Thank you.  Give thanks for everything. Reinforce the meaning by repeating it often.

Breathe, breathe and breathe. Exercise mindful sitting every day, setting timer reminders if needed.