Out Came The Sun . . .

Out came the sun and dried up all the rain…Musical chairs. Sun, rain, sun, rain.  Music stops.  Who’s gonna get the chair? Aww, sorry Sunny, odd man out, but since you're in the spotlight, change the tune, do a little dance, and get down! We're cheering you on, so please put on a show.  Comedy preferred.  Our funny bones are aching for some laughs and I agree that laughter is the best medicine.  It was through a lot of tears that my sister Sharon and I came to accept that despite our wishing dementia away, it wasn't going to happen. But even in the sadness, there were hilarious moments.  And we laughed!  A much needed boost to our spirit and a welcome interruption to our visions of her downward spiral. In addition to memories of who she was pre-dementia, we have these bonus tracks that still make us chuckle.  A favorite was feeling her excitement as she sang along to the Stanley Steemer jingle. Every time the commercial plays, I hear her singing along.  Will you sing it with me please?  Loud and exuberantly.  She’s listening and will chime in!  Click on the YouTube link and hang on until the end of the commercial. “call 1 800 Steemer.  Stanley Steemer gets carpet cleaner. ” Thank you.  Wishing you a day of peace, love and laughter.  Or, as my mother always said, “Don't just have one nice day, have a nice everyday!