Please Release Me . . .

Get it off your chest, blow off steam, and let it all out.  Do you release frustrations or do they simmer, awaiting full boil? Suppressed emotions from everyday stressors can lead to muscle aches, tension headaches, and depression. Chronic health conditions set in when symptoms are ignored and left to boil.  Avert the probability of overload with periodic mood checks and an action plan listing various ways to remain calm. Wholesome meals and snacks, fresh air, water, exercise, and adequate sleep are nourishing, and enhance the body’s natural ability to stay cool under pressure.

Journaling clarifies thoughts and feelings, making it easier to explore and release emotions. Journaling counteracts negative effects of stress, improves cognitive functioning and strengthens the immune system.

Burn what bothers you.  Write out your grievances and set them on fire.  Old problems disintegrate into ashes, soothing the mind, body and spirit.

Send them away with the wind.  Blow on dandelion seeds, drop a feather from a tall place or say goodbye to what you choose to release as the sand sifts through your fingers.