Available In My Size? Of Course!

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

At first I thought you were being vain. Why are you fixating on your body image when there are more serious matters in the world that need our attention. Heavens! Is a Speedo bod that important? But after thinking about it, I get it! Being at peace with our body image is holistically sound. We’re more likely to communicate with others on the upbeat, with confidence and ease. They pick up this vibe and pass it on. Intrinsically tuned in to our inner wisdom, we discover the ideal weight and size that is in sync with our energy. Goodbye outdated height/weight chart. One size does not fit all, and how boring life would be if it did! Perfection? Yawn, and dream on! Being at peace is easy to say, finding peace is the challenge. Practice. Start with you, and out-loud repeat, “Thank you. I am beautiful” Next, move to the mirror. Aloud, say the words, “Thank you. I am beautiful.” Repeat every day, each time you open your mouth. Tune in and listen to your inner guidance as it leads you to your unique size. Timelines, rigid guidelines, aside. Move gradually, have fun and smile. Numbers to scale? Up to you. Holding tight to one number? Let it go, breathe, and opt for three. Create wiggle room, leaving space for occasional personal splurges! That said, indulge responsibly. When fully present with your meal, less becomes more, and your celebration equally grand with half, rather than a whole serving. Hearing her name, Mother Nature paused and turned to see Father Time. Wow! He has toned up, but it was his smile and the way he carried himself that caught her attention. Proud, yet not arrogant. He takes responsibility for his well-being. Educating himself with credible information, and experimenting to find what works best for him. Mother Nature, I feel like celebrating! Care to join me for dinner? She opened her mouth, and before responding, remembered her earlier words and spoke them softly to herself. “Thank you. I am beautiful.” And so are you, Father Time.