What’s Your Game?

Lighten up! Run, dance, play! , Vibrations lifting, energy soaring high, higher, and higher! Klunk! Oh pooh! It happened again. Same scene, and same time as last year! You glanced at the distorted reflection in the store window, pulled on a parka, to hide your pretty, itsy, bitsy bikini! What are you going to do? Sit out, have a pout? Please do, and when through, look around. What do you see? Roly polys and walking sticks. Bugs? No. People! All differing in shape and size and perhaps many grumbling about a body part or two. Weight is energy. Weigh yourself down with heavy thoughts; guilt, shame, and worry about another’s opinion? Or lighten up, accept what you cannot change, and focus on gradually changing what you can? Practice, my friend, practice! Be kind to yourself. Pouting is okay, but when it’s too hot for the parka, what will you choose? Life moves swiftly, and summer is upon us. Choose the light? Celebrate! Have fun! Discard diet dogma, find what works for you, and make it a game!

What’s your game?

Let's Make a Deal. Want something different to eat, but not sure what? Throughout the day, notice the abundance of choice. Be open, curious, and awed by what awaits you! Will it be door one, two or three? Ham and cheese on rye? No thanks, keep going. Pasta, veggies, sparkling wine in the sunshine? Closer, maybe, but not quite. Two down, one to go. Oh please, let us know!

Go Fish. With open spirit and mind you dive in for the surprise and return to the surface delighted with your catch! Imagination spurred, ingredients gathered, and masterpiece created, you give thanks and dine.

Old Maid. Certainly not you! Nor the leftovers in the fridge! With a little love, magic and skill last evening’s dinner is today’s lunch!

Crazy Eights. Crazy grazing, eight times a day! Gradually feed your hunger throughout the day with small portions. Laze as you graze. Move slowly, notice your hunger wax and wane. Use the time between meals to thoughtfully consider what will nourish it best.

Cake Walk. Devils food or Angels food? Leave the judgment at square one and walk in peace. All food is heaven sent, especially cake. Treats are essential to your well-being as long as we treat them as special. Sweet, simple and small is divine! A last minute dash to the donut shop? WAIT! Donut aside, pause, breathe and create the scene. Select a special place, and a special time for this special occasion. And when there, pay special attention to your slice of heaven. Sit and breathe while tension dissolves. Aloud, say thank you. Rest, digest and enjoy.