You're Not the Boss of Me!

You are the boss of you and you determine what you do.  But at this moment I'm adopting the role. 

Smile.  Smile now, please. Not, I encourage you to smile, but please stop what you are doing and smile.  Even if you are in a rotten stinking mood and grin and bear it is all you can bare.  Please smile. A wee one will do. 

Be happy.  Now that you are smiling, be happy. For someone else. Happy for yourself too, but right now, think of an acquaintance whose life is on the upswing and share their joy.  If personal circumstances have slammed the door and your elation is in deflation, that's okay.  Your best efforts will do, so close your eyes, breathe and let the good cheer flow.

My time as boss ends and I pass the baton.  Will you take it and pass on two instructions of your choice?  Keep it short and easy to do in the moment.  Ideas? Gaze out the window, look up and say hello, close eyes and breathe, compliment someone, tell a joke. The list expands easily.

Thank you for smiling and sending warm wishes. The wee smile turns into We and soon we are all smiling, and good cheer overflows sending warmth and happiness not just to one, but to all.